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Travel Diary: Hawaii

YES I typed this all on my plane ride home…. I was just too excited to share everything about all of my adventures that took place in Hawaii just about a week ago! This was such an amazing trip all the way around! My family & I were at the Big Island, and stayed at the Kona Coast Resort! Every day was filled with fun activities! Keep reading to check out all of my pics and more importantly my favorites from the trip!


Chill’n on the Bay:

This restaurant is located in Kona, Hawaii. This little place sits right on the bay facing the ocean, the view is incredible, and even better around sunset! It’s such a nice and relaxing spot just to sit and watch the waves crash on the rocks and enjoy the amazing food! The staff is also super friendly and if you sit along the outside bar area, some cute little geckos may stop by your table to say hello! If you do end up coming here, I recommend the Ono Wrap! So yummy!

Kona Brewing Co:

I highly recommend this restaurant! I was really hungry when we came here… lol (when am I not hungry) so I actually had the garlic bread, pepperoni rolls, and a pesto/chicken pizza! The food is sooooo good…. you have to get the pepperoni rolls…. trust me. There’s just a good vibe at this restaurant, and the service was really good which is also a plus!

Cafe Pesto:

So one of the workers from the zip lining we did actually recommended this place for lunch & I am so glad he did! it’s a little fancy, very good service (my water cup NEVER went below half way full) & my sister & I actually split a pizza because it was pretty big & it was SO good, and it had pesto on it of course! we got to build our own! the menu is a  pretty decent size as well: pizza, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, etc! 10/10


Kona Haven Coffee:

More like HEAVEN!! I had an iced mocha because i’m basic like that but not to be dramatic or anything…. it was the best iced mocha I’ve ever had!! and if you know me, you know I drink a lot of coffee. Kona coffee is so good I can’t even explain it! Of course we had to pick up some coffee beans to take home! it’s just too good. The shop is so cute as well and there’s a cute little deck to sit on with a perfect view of the ocean… ugh coffee AND an ocean view…. heaven literally.

Kona Coffee Farm:

This place was beautiful! it’s surrounded by coffee bean trees, there’s free samples of every coffee blend (sooo many) and the view up there on the hill is breath taking! it was so cool to learn about the history of Kona coffee & to be able to try a bunch of different blends through it all! there are a bunch of different bags of coffee to choose from to buy, local honey, macadamia nuts, etc.

Island Lava Java:

My family and I came here for breakfast & it was so perfect! so many options for breakfast but not overwhelming! soooo good….. it was one of those meals where I got sad towards the end of eating it because I didn’t want it to end lol BUT they have a bunch of choices for coffee (they even have frappuccinos), freshly squeezed juices & there was a perfect view of the ocean! the food was SO delicious & the service was very good as well!

Lava Lava Beach Club:

I loved this place! you sit RIGHT on the beach to eat & just enjoy the views! if you go down to the water, you might get to see some turtles hanging out! the food was very good & the service was good as well! so much fun! a very cute family friendly spot!

Panalu’u Bakery:

This was the cutest little portuguese bakery! I am portuguese so I was very excited to come here & get some fresh malasadas (portuguese donuts) & they did not disappoint one bit…. if you have not had one… you’re missing out & you need one in your life!! they also had an outside area to eat under the palm trees & listen to some live music! so relaxing & the only way I like eating donuts now lol

Farmers Market:

My family and I went to the farmers market in Kona and I loved it! I love love LOVE farmers markets!! It was so fun to see all of the locals & everything they had to offer! there was a bunch of handmade jewelry, fresh fruit, paintings, & more! it was so interesting to feel the local vibes, walk around & listen to the music playing!


Panalu’u County Beach Park (black sand beach):

This beach was absolutely breath taking!!! such a pretty view… pictures couldn’t even do it justice! it was so cool to see a beach full of black sand! such a pretty area! just the way the waves hit against all of the rocks was so beautiful. We also got lucky & saw a couple of turtles in the water!


Zipline Through Paradise:

This was located in Hilo, Hawaii. Everything about this was SO MUCH FUN. There’s a total of eight different zip lines here & you get to go through the beautiful rain forests & waterfalls. It’s just incredible! HIGHLY recommend this! they also have cameras set up on some of the zip lines that take your picture & you can purchase them at the end if you’d like! such an amazing feeling to zip over waterfalls… you have to do this!


Manta Ray Night Swim:

I’m not gonna lie… this was very out of my comfort zone!! I was very unsure about it at first & really scared but I did it anyways lol but honestly I am SO glad I did this! I don’t regret it one bit! there were about five boats that were all in the same area filled with people ready to swim with the manta rays! you put on a wet suit, flippers, snorkel gear & hop in!! the workers are super friendly & helpful… I actually asked for a noodle to swim out to the area because I needed the noodle lol BUT you hang on to a board that has a hand rail all the way around it, (there’s about 10 people on the same board as you) & underneath the board is a light that shines into the water… the manta rays love the light so they literally come up RIGHT ON YOU it was so amazing!!!! the feeling of multiple manta rays swimming around you & dancing in the light is unexplainable! truly an unforgettable experience!


Akaka falls:

Everything about this was absolutely beautiful… once you get to this area, you have to walk down a stairway to get to a closer viewing point. This waterfall is HUGE & there are so many beautiful different types of flowers all around the area… must go!


Rainbow falls:

This place was soooo so so amazing!! there are about three different viewing points for this waterfall! you can walk up a long stairway to the top of the waterfall (do it!!) & there’s a viewing spot right when you first arrive (straight on view) & a viewing area to the right of that is just up a few stairs! you get some pretty amazing pictures here but none of them even do justice of how amazing it all is in person!!

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